Edition III

When curating these beautiful items for you, we considered the total experience we could deliver — that’s why you’re able to enjoy each of them, both on their own, and in combination with the others. When used together, these items are designed to emphasise the importance of oneself and remind you to take time to indulge in self-care. Select from the options of organic Mayde Tea below for both the 20g and 40g containers.

  • Milly Dent— Sunflower Dish
  • Smudge / Sage Sticks
  • Large TWELV. Black Concrete Candle 396g
  • Onsen Saru — Hot Spring Bath Soak
  • Milly Dent — Chilseled Kumo Cup
  • Mayde Tea — Handmade Organic Loose Leaf Tea 40g
  • Mayde Tea — Handmade Organic Loose Leaf Tea 20g

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